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Provides detailed document analyst-forensic IT, IS, & Cyber examiner expertise yielding responsible duties for planning, coordinating, and directing forensic science activities related to investigative/forensic photography and imaging support of the scientific, technical hardware /software capabilities.

Training sme's, tech writers capabilities, research & cert

Provides Integrated documentation & services related to academic level Training Area Management Training Support Missions (TSM) Instructors Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Role Players Leader Training; to include tailored staff leads Mobile Training Teams (MTT), Observer Controllers (OCs) and Field Service Rep. Support.

Special activities & combat search and rescue (csar) - aviation ops

Provides an accelerated, integrated & tailored set of service components for collecting, storing, and processing data; for clients to leverage. Building & providing information, knowledge, and digital products.  Business firms and other organizations need timely real-time data analytics, information & systems to carry out and manage their operations.


Provides advanced Secure Technology Services (STS); along with dynamic cloud architectures, design & integration, Information Assurance, Network load balance tuning security assessments.  Actively supports the Intel Comm. IT Enterprise as needed for commercial federal clients upon request/contract awards.


Provides an accelerated, integrated & tailored set of service components for collecting, storing, and processing data; for clients to leverage. Building & providing information, knowledge, and digital products.  Business firms and other organizations need timely real-time data analytics, information & systems to carry out and manage their operations.


Our Portfolio provides a host of the interdisciplinary field of engineering & management services that focuses on how the design, integrate, and managing complex systems life cycles.  Excel at SE practices methods to contribute to and expand any company’s systems engineering expertise capabilities & core systems.

Intelligence & Strategic Operations

Deliver timely, & rapidly integrated,  deploying analytical and technical intel, engineering solutions, analytics & SME’s to address our nation’s most critical and complex intelligence and warfighter challenges.


Provides technical experts involved with comprehensive Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems across space, land sea and air environments that articulate, describe & build secure tailorable data and technology engagements.  Including, presenting briefings, defined, safe operational platforms & technology communication solutions that deliver a formulated facilitated advised net-enabled comms to endpoints.


I2TSME - Global provides expert language translation services; combined with multilingual translation dedicated staffers and composed of top tier professional translators; highly trained in languages with cultural accuracy source & target translation.


Leverages all Acquisition, Technology, Management Analytic Consulting developing, processes of skillfully leading core teams that work to achieve goals and meet success criteria at any milestone's objectives.  The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all the project goals, constraints & service requirements.  Inclusive of critical Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data (BD) & Management Support Program, Portfolio’s, Organizations & Enterprise Levels.  Mission-oriented & geared w/ a focused on Subject Matter Experts to organize and provide critical resourcing.  Providing strategies and accurate solutions; to assist organizations w/ operational growth, reduced Risk, and Change Mgt.  Developing unique Tech Conceptual Integration of Strategic Planning, to End-to-End Acquisition Support.  Build specific and tailored BI & Private to Personal Social Media Protection platforms of any data types as an implementation of security and technology.

Federal cybersecurity Analytics & intelligence

Provide detailed standards and best practices that address securing the interoperability, usability, and privacy for any organization. We build specific tech for companies, banking, finance, and retail industries and in government agencies.  IT2SME leverages & employ practices of protecting systems, networks, and programs from network digital attacks; or specific cyberattacks.  We provide secure unparalleled services for data protection; data integrity & risk compliance.

private security details to commercial/
force protection

Executive protection provided the highest levels of protection; as our skilled former Retired Military seasoned Combat Veterans providing advanced stability & long-term security operations. Complement critical skilled security & technology advancing government, law enforcement agencies & commercial security needs with valuable protection of highly advanced, trained & armed personnel with urban and needed logistical technologies.  Includes risk site security, assessments, protection security details, & bodyguards.


I2TSME - Global provides highly skilled Basic, Applied, Development, Facilities & Equipment level analytic research, with guidance, developing, documenting all phases of analysis, and academic technical reporting.  SME's will focus on increasing performance & address gap analysis on systems security and advanced projects addressing tangible empirical data, that aid operational and suitability readiness of new systems, tools, and capabilities; by complementing technology transitions/fielding.  Support of key ongoing, future & development commercial, federally funded research for Operational, Test & Evaluations (OTE).  Our focus addresses collaborative, commercial new innovative off the shelf tools with Indications & Warning needs; to save lives, improve civil services, advance combat safety, force integration, scientific advisory tools, and techniques.





Provides Commercial based security engineer consulting management application security via engineers, web security protection tasks along with data security professionals.  Responsible for time-critical collaborating w/ other staff departments to establish security protocols and protection of IT, IS and Cyber technology designs & or Command and Control systems.

  • Data Service Protection Management 

  • Data Set Patch Management

  • Endpoint Security 

  • Identity & Access Management Solutions 

  • Network Security 

  • System Secure Configurations


Business Intelligence (BI) comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information. BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations.

  • Acquisition Asset Management

  • Cloud Computing Framework 

  • Cybersecurity NIST Nodal Analysis

  • Emerging Technologies 

  • Layered Mobile Device Security 

  • Network Security


Leverages key teaching of vital technology skills and operations of business industries & leading, promoting, and shaping fundamentals. Inclusive of the theories, processes of business Customer Relationship Mgt. (CRM) by reducing risk with effective management initiatives.

  • Executive Leadership Security Training

  • Futures & Collaboration Tools

  • IT & IS Admin Security Services

  • Security Awareness Training

  • User Access Accounts

GOVERNANCE Resiliency & Applications

Provides practices, approaches to managing & combating cybersecurity risk & the maintenance and enhancement of operational resiliency.  Including practices in areas of governance & risk management, access rights, and controls, data loss prevention, mobile security, incident response, and resilience.

  • Audits, Metrics & Reporting

  • Data Library & Classification

  • Identity & Access Management Solutions

  • Security Controls & Patch Management

  • Strategy-SSP Plans

  • Vendor Supply Security Management


We provide detailed technical physical, hardware & Admin direct support to security controls venues that culminate key areas addressing network security across an organization. Attacks can happen at any layer in the network security layers model. Advice & leadership shapes network security hardware, software & policies must be designed to aid address each area.

  • Email Msns

  • Interoperability & Scanning

  • Penetration Testing

  • People, Processes & Technology

  • Vulnerabilities & Certification


Leverages the expertise, documented to provide & any combination of Best Practices to define an orchestrated consistent, and organized approach for handling security incidents.  As well as taking appropriate actions, proper due diligence & governance when an incident or data spillages or loss of info occurs. And performing proper corrective actions and long-term actions to prevent further losses

  • Breaching & Execution

  • Crisis Management & Plans

  • Electronic Warfare (EW) DS Spt

  • Intel Forensics & Analysis

  • Web Discovery


Focuses methods and processes used by organizations to manage risks & seize opportunities related to the achievement of their objectives.  ERM provides a detailed staff plans, team training applications & a  framework for risk management, which typically involves identifying events or circumstances relevant to the organization's objectives (threats opportunities), assessing them in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact, determining a response strategy, and monitoring process.

  • Architecture Strategies

  • CI/CT - DS

  • Information & Privacy Policy

  • Threat Factoring S&T

  • Threat Modeling


I2TSME - Global “Think Tank Tech - Warrant Officers" address long and short-term technology skills, enhancements that improve readiness and address adaptive requirements needs, which are capability solutions based on the systems migration.  Our core SME's teach advanced and developed philosophy in technological practice encourages problem-solving practices, applicability & cyber Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and its capabilities with advanced full-spectrum reliability.  Ultimately achieving security compliance and new design levels far above commercial standards and achieve domain dominance of ethical Best Practices w/ tools, ethical hacking & defense measures with data protection aiding advanced initiatives and capabilities.


Developers & Program Managers must; adapt to building a secure technical progressive growth as a reliant agile network to support 5G.  The concept, ideas, and motivation must deliver flexibility; it encourages risk mitigation, planning, and financial obligations.  5G encourages technology, a value-added collaboration that starts with software-defined, reliant & independent Services with an Infrastructure (SI).  Any older systems can strategize and have a greater potential to migrate forward; to which hardware and software migration promotes moves that would force dialogue and proper investment; to build segments that are control and management of resources, to Software as a Service layer that's similar to how data centers are managed bulk Big Data (BD) storage.

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